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Touring Myanmar with a  Car Rental

Myanmar, historically known as Burma is an independent state that lies in Southeast Asia. It borders Bangladesh, India, Thailand, China and Laos. It makes one perfect tourist destination for vacations where you can go basking on its spectacular beaches, since it boasts of 1,930 kilometers of an uninterrupted coastline.

Do I need any travel documents while going to Myanmar?

Yes. To enter the country, you will be required to have a passport of a minimum validity of 6 months. Visas are also mandatory for most visitors entering the country. Another thing to know is that the country’s visas tend to change from time to time and you have to keep abreast with information with regard to this.

Car hire and Public Transport in Myanmar

Myanmar is a country with mesmerizing tourist destinations. It boasts of an abundant wildlife, rich culture, friendly people and dense forests. As a tourist, you will need a transport means if you would like to explore the country comprehensively. There are plenty of buses, taxis, private cars and even trains that can take you from one destination to the other. However, if you want a quiet self driven tour, you can rent a car from the numerous available car rental companies. There are numerous cheap car hire companies where you can get the car of your choice and tour the country in style.

What’s the best time to tour the country?

Myanmar enjoys a monsoon climate, and has three major seasons. The hottest of these seasons happens to be between February and May. The season normally has little or literally no rain. The rainy season usually falls between May and October, while October to February is characterized by a cooler dry weather.

Do I need the country’s currency?

You have to change your currency into the country’s currency known as Kyat if you would like to comfortably pay for your taxi, car rental among other things. The country occasionally declares some of its currency denominations invalid without notice. This is done to combat dissident groups. It is also possible to make payments in cash using US Dollars, but only at established outlets.

What about the official language?

The country recognizes Burmese as the official language. It is spoken by close to 65% of its populace. However, Myanmar boasts of close to one hundred languages.

Are there any tourist attractions in Myanmar?


It is an ancient city dating back in AD 849. It remains among the world’s most amazing archeological sites. It consists of a whooping 5000 temples and dome-shaped Buddhist monuments known as stupas. There are archeological museums and many rivers to take an excursion in, among plenty other destinations.

Buddhist festivals

You can catch one of the many Buddhist festivals, most of which get timed to correspond with the full moon. Some festivals you can see include, Maha Thingyan, Pakkoku Amanda Pagoda among many others.


It is an old city rich in temples, pagodas, palaces, and stupas. If you love architecture, this is a great place to marvel in. You can also visit the place of the ruins of the Mandalay Palace, which was demolished in the year 1942.

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